Our guide to Copenhagen

Are you wondering what to do when you’re in Copenhagen in July? or how to get around? Don’t worry, we got you covered with some basics here..

We put some of our recommendations on the map below. No matter if you’re looking for a good coffee, an idyllic stroll, a graffiti wall or amusement parts, we got something for you..

Recommendations for visiting Copenhagen

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Getting around Copenhagen you will find bikes, walking or public transportation to be your best choice. Parking can be hard to find, and hourly rates are steep in central Copenhagen.

Here’s our recommendations on bikes, buses and trains!


By using bicycle in Copenhagen, it is possible to have total accessibility freedom. However, it is important to follow traffic rules and to show signs by hand (right, left or up) for other bicycle users. 

Hand signals for getting around on a bike in Denmark

Bikes rent:

Copenhagen bicycles
Better bikes

Public transportation in Copenhagen

Time tables and route planning for bus, train and metro in Denmark
Bus and Metro Copenhagen city map


There are seven S train lines in Copenhagen territory. Which are covering transportation til Copenhagen suburbs. More information about train lines you can get at the main stations: Copenhagen Central station, Nørreport station and Copenhagen Airport station.


Metro runs day and night.Copenhagen has two metro lines from Copenhagen Airport to Vanløse and from Vestamager to Vanløse. It is the easiest way to travel by metro from Copenhagen Airport station to Nørreport station. Nørreport station is very comfortable, because all train and metro lines connects here, except F line.


City buses runs day and night.There are C and A buses, which stop frequently on route.S buses are more quick and direct.

Harbour Bus

The harbour bus lines 901 and 902 daily interconnect Holmen with Nordre Toldbod, Nyhavn, Knippelsbro and The Royal Library “Det Kgl. Bibliotek”. 


You can buy them from ticket machines at metro and train stations. The machines can take danish coins or bank cards. It is also possible to buy tickets from 7Eleven kiosks at metro and train stations.

Single tickets
prices start from 24 DKK for 2 zones.

24-hour ticket
For adult cost 150 DKK. You get for 24 hours unlimited use of public transportation within all zones (zones 1-99).

City Pass
Gives unlimited use of public transportation in Copenhagen within zones 1, 2, 3 and 4 (The city centre and to/from the Copenhagen airport).City pass 24 hours 80 DKKCity pass 48 hours 150 DKKCity pass 72 hours 200 DKKCity pass 120 hours 300 DKK

Copenhagen Card

This card gives unlimited use of public transportation  within 1-99 zones and the access to 74 museums, attractions, discounts on restaurants car hire, shops and sights. If you are planning to do sightseeing in Copenhagen. The cards are for 24, 48, 72, 120 hours. Prices starts from 399 DKK.