Partners and Sponsors

Our annual events rely on our a great team of partners backing the project! Here we introduce partners and sponsors making Meeting of Styles Copenhagen happen

Hosts and national partners

The organization that hosts and funds Meeting of Styles Copenhagen. Street Studies does creative placemaking projects for urban planners in neglegted suburbs - The profits are spent on Meeting of Styles and their own pilot projects.
Toke aka 'Toke Sagde det var Okay', event manager at Meeting of Styles Copenhagen and a recognized hiphop booker. He's got a long career in the hiphop industry and helped nurture many of the big names on the Danish hiphop scene.
Run for Cover, legendary record and hiphop shop in Copenhagen. They also sell spray cans for artistic use, we're proud to have this amazing team as our suppliers, sponsors and project partners.

International partners and Sponsors

Montana Cans from Germany supplies the Montana Gold we're using at our event.  These quality cans costs a bit more than the average can, but they are widely recognized as a one f the best products on the market.