Values and mission

Meeting of Styles is the worlds largest street art-, mural- & graffiti festival and takes places on 25-30 different locations every year – That’s one every 2 weeks! Each event has it’s own team, and in Copenhagen we’re trying to do something unique.

We’re a fairly small (50 artists) event since we insist of being located in the heart of Copenhagen. Adding to the central location we’re super strong on social atmosphere, to nurture strong long-term relations between artists, volunteers, visitors and organizers.

Meeting of Styles builds on five central values:

  1. Strong relations between International and Scandinavian artists
  2. Challenge artists and visitors’ synergy
  3. Unique and surpricing Copenhagen experience
  4. Playground for initiators
  5. Experimental space

Strong relations between International and Scandinavian artists

MOS CPH aims to enhance communication between International and Scandinavian street art and graffiti artists. Where international artists can experience Copenhagen atmosphere and get inspired by the danish style and people. The festival invites everybody for friendly art conversations and exchange of influential ideas. MOS CPH seek to gather International and Danish street art and graffiti artists for annual urban art celebration in Copenhagen city centre.

Challenge artists and visitors’ synergy

The city visitors and residents are engaged and challenged by the performed art, while the performers are engaged by the spectators’ attention. This synergy inspires social impact on street art and graffiti perception among visitors. The festival educates and expands visitors’ understanding of legal street art and graffiti within a simple observation.

Unique experience

By organising the festival in the central Copenhagen location, artists and visitors can experience unique street art and graffiti presentation. Naturally, it engages people interaction and discussions with the festival participants. Everybody is invited to visit the festival and get some inspiration from creative-innovative and technically skilled artists, who are very productive in the street art and graffiti field in the present.

Playground for initiators

MOS CPH serves as a playground for initiators and a space for next-generation initiators to develop. New ideas, a collective effort and improvements keep festival growing every year.

Experimental space

Also, the festival creates an experimental space with urban elements – graffiti walls, which changes city planning for a temporary period in Axeltorv square. Pedestrians are challenged to change a movement flow in the square regarding street art and graffiti. This change in itself demonstrates a rise of creative space in Copenhagen. 

Collectively, we make street art and graffiti shine!