Prensenting | Pencil

Artist interview with Pencil | Stockholm, Sweden

How did you come to be an artist?

I guess I’ve always liked drawing and painting. I just never quit drawing when my other friends did. Hip hop hit me hard and the mix between the art and the illegal aspect of it was just to tempting. I still remember the feeling starting out in graffiti and still get that feeling when painting today. A sense of incognito freedom I guess. 

What brings you to MoSCph?

I’ve always wanted to paint at MoS. It’s a classic graff party with great artists and from the looks, good party as well. I just never thought I’d be accepted to paint at MoS, Thank you!

What inspires you?

Different styles, different artists. I mean, social media let’s you follow writers from across the world, and even though I think graff should be experienced live it’s a great way to find inspiration for me. Other than that, friends, family and life always influences my work. 

What is your favourite location so far and what makes this your favourite?

Theres a industry area in the south of Stockholm named Snösätra which has in recent years become a graff haven for Stockholm painters. It’s completely transformed a dodgy area which no one would visit into an area where people actually travel there to visit, do a photo shoot, hang out and off course; paint. It’s always something going on in that area now. Big up to the people fighting to keep it that way. 

What would be your dream location/collaboration/project?

Traveling to paint is off course a dream. Preferably to a warm location with a chance to meet great painters. Joining more MoS events would be an awesome way to spend my vacation.

But, a thing I’ve always liked is to be able to see my work on a day to day basis. It would be nice having a big f**king burner that I can see on my way to work. 

Tell me about your style and use of color

I like shadows, all imagery is built on how the shadows behave. The way you can pop your letters off the wall with just some small shadows and highlights leaves me with a good feeling. And off course old school lettering, I’m a big fan of the old styles. Other than that, I try to have a different theme every time I paint. 

Who are your biggest influences?

I feel the need to mention DAIM, I guess that can be quite easily spotted in my style. That dude just made me fall in love with 3D graffiti. I also find a lot of ideas from my every day job, working in graphic and web design. It gives me another perspective of typography, layout and coloring. 

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